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Crossing the Mississippi at a point now known as Dun- leith, in a canoe, and swimming his horse by his side, he landed on the spot known as the Jones Street Levee.

This claim he leased to Otis Rey- nolds and John Culver, of St.

6 7 Blaser, Nicholas 675 Conrad, George 838 Edwards, Wm. He then built a cabin, as above stated, where Keokuk is now situated, and made a, claim to some land.

In 1819-'20 he was stationed at Fort Edward, now Warsaw, but the sense- less ridicule of some of his brother officers on account of his Indian wife induced him to resign his commission.

i Campaign of 1874 jg\ Campaign of 1875 194 Campa gn of 1876 ]% Cimpflign of 1877 ' ' ]9« Campaign of 1878 20I Campaign of 1879 ' ' 201 Campaign of 1880 210 Campaign of 1881 212 CHAPTER XI. 227 State Offloers 227 ^ rfv 1 VI TABLE OF CONTENTS. The Indians returned, and were encouraged to operate the rich mines opened by the late white occupants.

Clerk of the Court 360 Sheriffs 363 County Surveyors 369 Coroner 372 Drainag'e Commissioner 373 CHAPTER XI. 373 District Court 374 Circuit Court 379 County Court 380 CHAPTER XII. He endeavored to obtain permission from them to mine in their hills; but this they refused.

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