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If the scripts are good, fine; if the scripts are bad or incompatible, not so good.I really hate those silly daytime talk shows and magazines that try to impose certain rules when it comes to relationships (as well as gender roles/stereotypes.) You should just be yourself - be free to ask someone out no matter what your gender.And it's not to deny the possible importance of other childhood experiences.In terms of dating, people tend to pair up with those who either further or complement their scripts, the former being the one-sided kind of relationship.

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But you should totally reserve an igloo for you and your date on the Watergate Hotel rooftop -- one of the best rooftop bars in town -- for afternoon tea.

Despite frigid conditions, Washington, DC is chalk full of unique and engaging date options that you'll both enjoy.

If you and your date are dying to catch a new flick, don't take them to just any old movie theatre.

You can skip the popcorn and grab a whiskey cocktail and a hummus platter at the small, intimate Atlantic Plumbing Cinema.

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