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), in this case 1.121 and 1.14, which is mail.ru, the free webmail in Russia.

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That's why it is a good idea to check ALL IPs found in the headers.You may want to skip the first IP though, as it will probably be your own mailserver.To check IPs, go here: and enter it in the box that says "IPWHOIS Lookup" In the results, look at the lines that say intenum: netname: descr: If the results say Rambler.ru, Yandex.ru, List.ru, newmail.ru, pochta.ru, etc.., skip those.In some cases, you can be presented with a fake copy of the visa, itinerary of her flight, scanned copies of documents etc, etc - which seem to be legitimate. they are also involved in identity thefts, backgrounds, forging documents, passwords cracking, braking into the online databases with confidential info, stealing credit cards and paypal accounts, making purchases with stolen credit cards online Under circumstances you should be sorry for her. Please remember: YOU didn't do anything wrong or embarrassing, r mass-mailing programs (those are usually used to send spam).(Confirming the legitimacy of girl do it such a document is as easy as contacting the authority that supposedly issued it - i.e. In particular: FC'2000, Becky and Communi Gate Pro.

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