Wsus server not updating client status

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If you do, settings inheritance is active so that updates deployed to a parent group automatically also deploy to a child group.

You can have computers belonging to multiple groups simultaneously, and the group names must be unique.

You’ll notice here that, well there’s not much to look at in our list of all updates and that’s in part because the initial filter that WSUS puts on those updates is to give you only those that are unapproved, where the status is failed or needed.

Obviously you’ve not approved any updates, so you should be seeing a long list of them.

The best practice usually is to try to create as few groups as possible.

In most environments, the use of group policy is kind of the best practice, so I’ll choose this second setting Use Group Policy or registry settings on computers. To create a new group you will need to right-click on All Computers and select Add Computer Group I will call them Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and Test Group.

You can type in whatever name you like, example Production Computers This gives me now the abilities to use group policy to assign the correct machines into either of these two groups.

For a very small environment, this makes things really easy, ’cause there’s no extra work that’s involved.

But in larger environments, you may actually wanna go through using group policy.

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