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Of my earliest childhood entertainment memories, The Monkees are at the front of the line (followed very closely by “That Girl” and Carol Burnett, but that’s a story for another day). We’ll never know, will we.) The Monkees had flown into the Rochester, NY airport.

It was maybe 1967 and I was maybe three-years-old, but I was old enough for the memory to be imprinted on my brain.

Talent-wise, Melanie wins, but both have such compelling stories, make fans feel so connected, and have so much to offer not only musically but emotionally and spiritually, that either could be the last singer standing. It appears to have started with a fake blog post reporting that Bon Jovi suffered cardiac arrest.

However at a little after PM, this photo was posted on the official Bon Jovi band Facebook page, with the status update, “‘Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey’ -jbj. This photo was just taken.” The news did give the Twittersphere an opportunity to have some fun at the rocker’s expense: @Scott Nevins – “Just to clarify: Jon Bon Jovi did NOT die but Kim Jong ll did.

Someone – she thinks Davy Jones – wanted to reach over the fence to hold me and I started screaming like a baby. My mom thinks there may be a slide photo of the moment somewhere in the cases and cases of projector carousels I have stored in my spare bedroom that date back to the early 60s.

(Yes, Kodak holds a special place in our hearts here in Rochester, and in our personal photo albums.

The bouncy “Straight Up” singer put word out to her network exec pals, and now Arsenio’s new syndicated show will debut Sept. But while Arsenio got busy with the gabfest, Paula spent last year getting close to hunky Rhode Island businessman John Caprio, 41.

It probably won’t surprise you that from The Monkees I graduated to The Osmonds. First, each performed a duet with a star, Josh with Alanis Morrisette, Chris with Avril Lavigne, and Melanie with R Kelly.v=w2hzus E4ve M&feature=youtu.be] Greetings, dear Beliefnet readers!It's been a while since I posted - I'm kind of in limbo right now with entertainment writing, as I've made the move to animals and ...My sister and I reminisced today about seeing The Osmonds in concert – I was seven years old, I’m pretty sure. While they were all good, only Melanie really looked at home singing with a star.My dad took me and my sister, and my cousins came in from Pittsfield to see the show with a guy named Ernie who was dating their mom. (Although LA Reid, in typical fashioned, criticized her.) Then the contestants each sang one final song.

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