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Now, according to TMZ, Griffin’s ex-girlfriend and mother to his children, has filed a lawsuit against the former Rookie of the Year.

The lawsuit depicts Griffin as being coldhearted to Brynn Cameron and her children since he hitched up with Kendall Jenner.

The rumored relationship, which lasted a “few months,” was controversial because of Jenner and Jinsu’s age difference. Rumors started after Jinsu posted an Instagram of what fans believe to be his and Jenner’s hands making a heart.

Jenner’s sister Kylie Jenner posted the same picture on her Instagram.

Brynn Cameron’s brother is Jordan Cameron, who played football for USC and after graduation was drafted by the Cleveland Browns; he was the 102nd pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Just prior to the draft, Griffin appeared in a video with Jordan where he hailed his one-time future brother-in-law as the “world’s greatest tight end.”Then, in 2015, Jordan Cameron signed a two-year, million deal with the Miami Dolphins, but in 2016, he suffered a season-ending injury.

The couple, who met at Los Angeles’s Sierra Canyon School, broke up in 2013 after Brooks moved away to college and Jenner suspected he was cheating.

personality shut down longtime rumors that she’s gay.“He would disappear for days and not answer Kendall’s text messages,” a source told Star magazine.“[She] couldn’t live with the doubt.” Rumor has it that Jenner moved on to rapper Young Jinsu soon after her breakup with Brooks.Unlike her sisters, who have been in longterm relationships for most of their lives, the 23-year-old model has never confirmed any of her boyfriends, which makes fans wonder even more about who she’s dating.And though the star has never been insta-official with any of her beaus, there are countless news articles about who she may or may not be hooking up with.

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