Vision impaired dating

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The NIB Business Basics curriculum helps build skills in business writing, general business concepts, management, spreadsheets and Web-based research.

NIB Business Basics is open to anyone who is legally blind and employed by NIB or its associated agencies at no cost.

The group conducts workshops and conferences; maintains a national support and information network; provides seed money for establishment of local chapters; and promotes the development of state and local organizations of, by and for parents of children with visual impairments. Back to Top NIB enhances the opportunities for economic and personal independence of persons who are blind, primarily through creating, sustaining and improving employment.

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The Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP) certification programs are designed to offer professionals the means to demonstrate critical knowledge and skills that promote the provision of quality services and ethical practice. Back to Top The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)—the organization to which Helen Keller devoted her life—is a national nonprofit association that strives to ensure blind or visually impaired Americans enjoy the same rights and opportunities as other citizens.

The mission of the AER is to develop and promote professional excellence through support of those who provide services to people with visual impairments. Back to Top Established in 1945 by combat-blinded veterans returning from World War II, the Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) was chartered by the U. BVA locates veterans who are legally blind and need assistance.

The organization guides them through the rehabilitation process and acts as an advocate for them before Congress and the Department of Veterans Affairs in the securing of all of the benefits they have earned through their service to the nation.

BVA also promotes access to technology and the practical use of the latest research.

Its Field Service Program provides encouragement and emotional support through role models who demonstrate that the challenges of blindness can be successfully overcome. Back to Top, the world's largest online digital library, offers more than 60,000 books and 150 periodicals in downloadable digital and refreshable braille formats to qualified members. This strategic collaboration will extend the reach of both organizations and provide a broad range of learning and reading materials to people who are print disabled. Back to Top The Council of Schools and Services for the Blind (COSB) is a consortium of specialized schools in Canada and the United States whose major goal is improving the quality of services to children who are blind and visually impaired. Back to Top The Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1926 that operates as an institutional accreditor of distance education institutions.

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