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Although always endorses professional medical help, we believe that there is power in numbers.We also understand that along with the victims of violent crime, and veterans from wars such as Vietnam and Korea, there are a whole new community of veterans who come home only to feel the pain of the battle they thought was over, entering into their home lives.There are many others around the globe who can empathize with your daily struggle, can offer support and a firm shoulder to lean on.The goal of this post traumatic stress disorder web page is to give anyone ailing with PTSD a chance to link to others worldwide who can accurately understand your daily struggle.Further, "5 million people will suffer from PTSD at any one time in the United States…" Considering that the world is populated by over 6 billion people, and this statistic applies only to the United States, imagine how staggering the world wide statistic is.The point is that you are not alone in your syndrome.

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