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Additionally, a node MUST verify the binding between the identity of the peer to which it connects and the public key presented by that peer.

Similarly, a certificate for *.would be valid for APD identities of,, *, etc., but not

Further information on Internet Standards is available in Section 2 of RFC 5741.

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For TLS authentication with pre-shared keys, the identity in the psk_identity_hint (for the server identity, i.e.

Nodes SHOULD implement the algorithm in Section 6 of [PKIX] for general certificate validation, but MAY supplement that algorithm with other validation methods that achieve equivalent levels of verification (such as comparing the server certificate against a local store of already-verified certificates and identity bindings).

[SIP] does not provide any guidelines on the presence of wildcards in certificates.

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For example, "*" matches only "*" but not "".

the Querying node) MUST be compared to the identities in the APD.

the Responding node) or psk_identity (for the client identity, i.e.

For example, *.in the APD would match certificates for,, *, etc., but would not match

Also, a "*" wildcard character MAY be used as the left- most name component in the certificate or identity in the APD.

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