Ups not updating tracking

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For a while there was a UPS driver in my area who would flag me as not being home and who would not leave one of those we tried to deliver stickers on my door -- this despite the fact that I could see the apartment entrance from my window and he never even visited the building.

Use this formula instead with the URL updated to a different page on their site that returns tracking information in the initial page response: =iferror( IMPORTXML( "https://com/tracking/tracking.cgi? A few Fridays ago, I expected a package of perishable items. But at least I wanted to know if I could be away from the house if Brown wasn't going to be showing up. It turns up an interesting tidbit: Just because UPS's online tracking system tells you that your package is in a certain location doesn't mean it actually is.There were always odd seeming revisions to package status when I was using best-effort delivery, but now that I am supposed to get two-day delivery, I find that the status is misreported, indicating my package was delivered when it was not.Have you noticed a similar drop in quality of status information from UPS and/or Amazon?

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