Updating to 3 71 m33 firmware

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As per the first source link, make sure your kernal is set to 3.30 (Recovery Menu/Configuration).Put the recovery flasher in the GAME folder and the OFW of your choice on the root of the card.Note: Once you buy the PSP install the custom firmware immediately, search for: PSP CFW 5.00 m33 what you need to do is downgrade then upgrade to the official firmware -- Erm, why would you WANT ofw? Most probably, applications wont work at all in an official firmware. You'll first have to downgrade your PSP from the present level to the below level (eg:- Downgrading from 3.52 to 2.0).After you install a custom firmware you can open up applications and even update hacked softwares. If your psp is a fat or a 2000/slim this should work. What this does is install a hacked firmware to your psp…After Dark_Alex retired from the PSP homebrew scene, many people thought it was the end of the custom firmwares released by him.But it was not so, a few days later a Russian hacker team called M33 debuted their own custom firmware, which has now superseded Dark _Alex’s OE firmwares as number one.

EDIT- Go here scroll down to the bottom of the post and click the second link for hellcat's RF.

Thanks, I actually ended up deviating from the above slightly.

Here's what I did for anyone else facing the same issue.

I tried with the Pandora to, but the same after the flashing is done the psp should restart..not the case it goes shut down and then i try to open it it's bricked!

You should have Custom Firmware(aka M33) to do this but it is nearly useless anyway. If you have got it you need to press select then go down to divice drive i think it is and go accros to m33 device.

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