Updating texlive

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The print/texlive-texmf-all is a "parent" of other texlive-texmf-* packages ("metapackage") and it contains some useful "macros" and its dependencies are every texlive-texmf-* packages so you can install the whole beast with one package.

Doesn't exist seperate texmf-docs port it's included into texlive-texmf-* (option DOCS).

The test of texmf-dependent packages would be faster because doesn't need unpack and repack (into .txz) the whole texmf-tree.

I tried split the texmf-packages by their target (functionality) - I hope it's almost right (based on Arch Linux's splits: https://

For my daily work I need only 10 texlive-texmf-* from all 36 (about one third).

So I (and other texlive-users too) need install only the necessary packages (plus some similar) - save storage, bandwidth,...

q=texlive) but it's sure it isn't perfect. Doesn't need any type of tricks as in most of USEs.

updating texlive-69

updating texlive-57

If such a conflict exists in the dependencies of two different packages, then those packages can not be installed simultaneously.The more splits would be harder - you can check the old print/tex-* and devel/tex-* packages about the many patches.I split the arch-independent texmf-tree to many functional subpackages so you don't need to install a huge (about 2-3Gb) package to use only some file (about 1%).Between 20 however, the internal structure of the update database apparently changed. A common fail is to see: I ran into that when my installation, including tlmgr, became about 2 years out of date.I could have downloaded a fresh install and then updated all the paths for it in /etc/profile, but it should have been easier.

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