Updating steam resources

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This update marks the two year anniversary of No Man’s Sky, and a lot has changed.Please see Atlas Rises, Pathfinder and Foundation for previous major updates. The main reason for that was Firefox unexpectedly dropping support for the Fire FTP FTP add-on, which meant I had no way to upload files.After a few hours work this morning, I was finally able to find a work-around and I should be able to do fairly regular updates now.5 September 2016 Udated the Steam Repair Links and Girdlestone pages to reflect Phil Girdlestone's passing earlier this year. Blasingame is still working on advanced alternative fuel steam locomotives.4 September 2016 Fixed a couple of broken image links. 22 February 2015 Added two new stories to the News page.var microsoft = microsoft

9 July 2018 Updated the Recent Steam Projects page to incorporate info on the Pennsylvania Railroad Steam Locomotive Trust and to update information on several German projects.6 July 2018 Reworked the Other Recent Steam Projects page to fix a few broken links and a missing image, as well as to add information on the current big new steam project in the UK, construction of the P2 2-8-2 "the Prince of Wales".5 July 2018 Added two locomotives, expanded the information on Waterloo Central No.Added the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad to the Steam Repair Links page.3 November 2014 Added information on the New Build Steam site to the News page.

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