Updating steam hangs

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You can also use the Steam native runtime without .To correctly debug a program or shared library it is therefore important that these environment variables in your debug environment match the environment you wish to debug.If you figure out a missing library you can use pacman or pkgfile to search for packages that contain the missing library.

This means you do not have to run Steam from the command-line to see that output.

First #Configure Pulse Audio and see if that resolves the issue.

If you do not have audio in the videos which play within the Steam client, it is possible that the ALSA libraries packaged with Steam are not working.

Run an antivirus check to ensure your computer is virus free. As this game is being updated via Steam, and as it cannot work without having Steam installed, it usually is installed in the Steam folder as this is the standard process. Keep in mind that having NO BACKGROUND APPLICATION TURNED ON and no browser opened as well as your antivirus turned off will help ensuring that there are no files that could get corrupted when installing/downloading the game or parts of it (this happens sometimes).

Therefore, while following the below steps, turn off your antivirus and ensure no other programs is running.

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