Updating redhat 4

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Depending on your path, you might get different versions.

Activating and deactivating virtual environments, as well as enabling a software collection, changes your path, so it can be easy to be confused about what version you’ll get from typing in the script.

updating redhat 4-82

updating redhat 4-52

As the use of virtual environments increases, it is best to no longer use this construct since you might get a different installation of Python with different modules.

The benefit of using Red Hat Software Collections is that you can have multiple versions of Python installed at the same time along with the base Python 2.7 that shipped with RHEL 7.

You can easily switch between versions with – installable as software collections.

Therefore, the changes made by While the default/base RHEL software repos have many development tools, these are the older versions that are shipped with the OS and are supported for the full 10-year life of the OS.

Packages that are updated more frequently and have a different support lifecycle are distributed in other repos that aren’t enabled by default.

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