Updating old brick house exteriors

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These people are really nice and their landscape supplies are quality.Really recommend them (and it's such a nice place to visit too, right by the ocean with those views! As someone who has an older house with an annoying leaky roof, re-roofing is something we would love to do.It makes the front of our house look so much brighter and less creepy.The only downside to our windows was that many of the old fly screens were in poor condition and needed replacing.

I received sponsorship from Monier Roofing for this post.

AFTER: Our house now with painted aluminium windows and rendered walls.

Replacing the gate with a garage door made a big difference too (and makes us feel less worried about snakes getting into the back garden! Mr Nerd and I hadn’t been in our house long when we realised the windows in our house brought the whole place down. Because our windows were in good condition (just ugly as hell) we decided to have a go at spray-painting them first instead.

We used Berger Jet Dry and I really like this stuff. Such a nice way to add colour and life to a corner that might ordinarily be a bit depressing and a good way to draw the eye away from less appealing features!

Berger Paving paint comes in tons of nice colours but I love their deeper colours best (and they’re best if you’re lazy about cleaning and sweeping dirt off your driveway, like us). Add pots to your front porch or flank your front door with a matching set.

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