Updating flash line pod

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In a previous article I outlined how the use of Adobe Flash can increase the opportunities for malicious hackers to compromise your computer.

There are several ways to protect yourself from these types of attacks – enabling Click to Play, for instance, is one of them – ensuring that Flash-based elements only load in your browser on your command. Let’s start with the first scenario: that you don’t want to completely eradicate Adobe Flash from your computer.

In this article we will explain how to install latest version of Adobe Flash Player 11.2 (32-bit and 64-bit) on RHEL/Cent OS 7/6 and Fedora 25-20 using Adobe’s own repository with YUM/DNF software package tool to keep the Flash Player Plugin up-to-date.Then enter the following command as root in order to enable the repository: You will be asked to provide the password for root after which the repository will be enabled on your system: The next step is to update your system repositories so that the latest available version of a software can be installed.Run the following command as root in order to do so: Now, your repository is in line with the latest package available in the Internet’s Canonical Partners’ repository.From the man page: The author is the creator of nix Craft and a seasoned sysadmin, Dev Ops engineer, and a trainer for the Linux operating system/Unix shell scripting.Get the latest tutorials on Sys Admin, Linux/Unix and open source topics via RSS/XML feed or weekly email newsletter.

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