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He's first seen in front of Erica's house with some luggage.He tells Erica, over wine, that he left his wife Claire, becuase she was cheating on him.Ethan stops her, trying to get her to talk about Erica telling him she loved him. Later that night, Erica returns to her apartment to see Ethan door still open. Ethan spots her and askes her if he wants to watch a movie. But she does invite him and Claire to come to her book promotion, where later on Claire and Erica get into a fight, which made Claire and Ethan leave the book promotion.After that Erica begins her session and says that she regrets kissing Ethan the other day, so she adds him to her list.Don't mess with due to if you did you would not know what he will do to you .TYRON IS KING OF PRINCE AND RULE TO SCHOOL AND FOOTBALL AN THINGS Not all of them but some I'm sure were.Erica spots an old classmate who Erica liked, so Ethan's job is done. The same night Erica goes to Ethan and apologizes for her behavior. She's really nervous from the kiss they shared and she can't stop talking.

Claire begins to leave but not before telling Erica that she won, and it only took her ten years.

So yes, I'm sure there were a handful of gay gladiators out there.

Ethan is a pretty straightforward guy, but very kind as well.

And does her session without kissing Ethan, but still ends up with the same result.

After the session, Erica and Ethan discuss and eventually solve their problems.

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