Tyra banks dating undercover

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Ten most beautiful contestants in America competed to see who was the most beautiful. But Tyra had great success after the show America's Next Top Model. The African American model has never kept to a strict diet. In 2004 the black-skinned beautiful lady delighted her fans with a lovely singing voice.She released her own single "Shake Ya Body." Previously, the model did not sing, but only appeared in the music videos of many famous performers, such as Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, George Michael and others.

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After graduating, Banks became a student at the University of California.But she changed them so quickly that no one can recall most of them.However, her popularity and work in films and television did not allow Tyre to have a family and children.The following movies American Dreamz and Halloween: Resurrection made her even more famous.In 2003, Tyre Banks was offered a role in the series America's Next Top Model.

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