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If you're interested in learning more about truck driving, blogs written for and by truck drivers can be a great source of information.There are a number of different blogs about truck driving.And what about the people at home while their trucker is on the road?They could also be having a relationship on the side.For truckers with families, it can be even more difficult.

Most truckers are on irregular schedules; coming and going at different times of the day, week, and month.Truckers also have trouble finding healthy eating and exercise options.A whopping 70 percent of truckers are obese, and drivers are twice as likely to be diagnosed with diabetes. It is the reality of the industry, and all of these factors can take a toll on a trucker physically, mentally, and emotionally, making it hard for them to nurture relationships.Sometimes, people who date long-haul drivers fear that their trucker will also date other people in various towns on their routes.And we’ve all heard the stories about truck stop prostitution.

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