Tribes ascend validating problem

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I'm unsure if there were certain steps that I failed to follow or if the servers are just so swamped right now that they aren't letting in new players.

I created a HI-REZ master account two days ago via a referral link. However, I'm unable to log into an account on the actual game on my computer.

Just wondering does any of you fellow redditors had same problem? After many many many reinstalls and file deleting This happened to me and after several reinstalls, I finally checked the log in the tribes folder.

I already tried to uninstall like 20 times and once tried to let it "validate" over 24 hours straight, nothing happend. Turns out my Physx install was corrupted and need to be reinstalled.

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Hi, I wasn't quite sure where to post this and have yet to receive any feedback from hirezstudios themselves so I thought I would ask the community.

Delete anything related to tribes, re-install, profit!

oh this reminds me of trying to transfer tribes to steam and then back etc.

Hi i am not very good on computers and i have a question. Hello, i downloaded Tribes Ascend and it started updateing.

How To Fix Tribes: After it comes back online, the progress bar on the installer says Paladins is waiting on v 29,. Needed through google the forums to attempt to attempt to download and install. There is a problem with Tribes Ascend, where the game will always crash on the end of every round.

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