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Apart from being a guitarist, she is also a writer. She is rumored to dating the lead actor of Orange is the New Black TV show, Taylor Schilling.

She was writing a blog titled ‘Monitor Mix’ from 2007 to 2010. Often and now she is in the news for the hairstyle she wears. More information about biography can be found in Wikipedia.

Since Kurt and I were angry young feminists in the nineties, we decided that we were going to do a little public service that night.

We drank our Canadian Club, and he watched out while I went across the street and wrote "Fake Abortion Clinic Everyone".

After likely experiencing some Stockholm Syndrome, Krist started to like the riff and suggested that they play it at a reduced speed.

The altered riff become the iconic intro to in that it features slow calming portions followed by louder heavier parts.

Update – January 23rd: Bikini Kill have announced additional shows in Los Angeles (May 2nd) and Brooklyn (June 5th). Update – January 30th: More shows have been added in Los Angeles (May 1st) and Brooklyn (June 4th).

Despite the audio quality, Butch saw potential in the song and brought the band in to re-record it.

In August of 1990, Kurt Cobain and Kathleen Hanna (of Bikini Kill) were hanging out on a hill near a teen pregnancy center in Olympia.

The clinic, instead of providing abortions to expecting teenagers, was actually an pro-life center that encouraged girls to keep their babies, claiming they'd end up in hell otherwise.

I was kinda the pragmatic one and he was more creative so he went over and in 6 foot tall red letters wrote "God Is King." Several months later, just a few weeks prior to the recording of Nevermind, Kurt began playing a guitar riff that Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic thought sounded extremely silly.

Kurt punished Krist by making the band play the riff over and over for an hour and a half.

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