The importance of updating data

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Medical records are a combination of both self-reported patient information and a physician’s notes on diagnoses, care, and treatments.These histories involve a variety of information about a patient’s health history and personal habits, including: Until recently, all of this data was paper-driven.While medicine will always be an art that relies on personalization and the human touch, technological advances will allow you to take your practice to the next level of safety and effectiveness.

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Finally, be sure to include the cost of any new resources required to use the updated features delivered by the enhanced DBMS version.

The cost of the new version or release must be budgeted.

DBMS vendors typically increase the price of a new DBMS version by as much as 10–25%.

At a minimum, databases may not be available while the DBMS is being upgraded.

This can result in downtime and lost business opportunities if the upgrade occurs during normal business hours (or if there is no planned downtime).

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