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Governor Otter even declared the event a formal disaster.

A variety of factors contributed to these slides, including water levels and recent wildfires -- making this town (or at least its roads) a dangerous place to be.

In many ways, Idaho is considered by many to be one of the “safest” parts of the country, but that isn’t always the case.

Danger is unavoidable, and with a state as wild and scenic as Idaho, you can bet that there are particular cities, landmarks, and local hangouts that have gained a reputation for fatalities, crimes, and disasters of every type.

While all of Southern Idaho is permanently at risk due to the drier climate, this area in particular is susceptible due to a low watershed, and proximity to Oregon's own fire zones, which have been known to jump across the border.

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Based on statistics alone, the tiny town of Ponderay is actually the most dangerous in the Gem State, at least in terms of property crime, for which this Northern city of only 1,200 residents had nearly double the rate of theft as other Idaho cities, due primarily to its hotbed as a tourist shopping mecca.As the longest bridge in Idaho, hovering over the longest river in the state, and the first arc bridge to span an entire canyon in the country...as well as one of the few places in the US where base jumping is legal, Twin Falls' iconic bridge sees a great deal of pedestrian and tourist traffic... At around 500 feet to the Snake River, the Perrine is the tallest bridge in the state, which presents extreme safety and suicide hazards, in addition to the dangers that come with base and bungee jumping themselves.While no major activity has been recorded yet, a variety of outside factors could trigger an event in the near future.According to the Idaho Multi-Hazard Risk Portfolio, Washington County and up into Mc Call are at the greatest wildfire risk in the state.

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