Tempat dating yang menarik

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Some say this is because the island is inhabited by spirits.Pulau Kukup is today the home of countless species of wildlife.It seems that every time a scientific expedition returns from Endau Rompin, they discover a new species!Regular treks through the jungle will give adventurers sightings of leaf monkeys, long-tail macaques, white- handed gibbons, elephants, deer, tapirs and the occasional tiger and leopard.One day, one of them fell in love with a sailor and they eloped.A curse was set upon the island of Kukup and it was submerged by sea.The island is also dotted with numerous sea caves carved out of rocks.

Many have tried to settle on this island, but without success.Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera, ini adalah entry yang ke 9 senarai kawasan perlancongan menarik di Malaysia, kali ini kita akan menjelajah ke selatan Malaysia iaitu Negeri Johor.Seperti yang anda sedia maklum, sempena dengan tahun Melawat Malaysia 2014, saya akan menyenaraikan info-info dan tempat perlancongan yang menarik yang ada di setiap negeri di Malaysia & sebelum ini saya menyenaraikan tempat perlancongan yang menarik di Perak, Pahang, Pulau Pinang, Kedah dan Perlis, Negeri Sembilan, Sarawak dan Sabah anda boleh klik link di bawah untuk membaca entry terdahulu.Take the opportunity to relax or get that sexy tan, while listening to rushing waves and enjoying the cool breeze.Numerous hotels, resorts and chalets line the area, making accommodation simple and convenient.

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