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It stayed for a moment, and then it popped with hot magical waves of pressure shooting out around the room.

Harry hurriedly cast a Protego to cover them both until the magic settled into the air.

She just really is never going to step it up, is she?

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The Duchess is being cared for at Kensington Palace.” Congratulations to the couple.

Spring 2018 is looking to be a royal baby with both Kate and Princess Madeleine due around that time.

Disclaimer: Once upon a time, Harry Potter took a bite out of a bright green apple while he was sitting with his friends in the Great Hall… He jumped over three tables and then attacked Harry's mouth in a hungry kiss, right there in the middle of breakfast. Harry looked up and tried to listen to what was being said—really, he did. His neck felt stiff, his back was most definitely sore, and whoever was calling out his name while shaking his shoulder roughly was just making it all the worse!" Harry growled in frustration."Because what he 'thinks' I've done, is unforgivable in his books." Theo snapped. "I thought you said you didn't know—but what does he think you've done? He could tell the Gryffindor, and risk things getting out that nobody wants. The only time he'd ever spared a thought for it, was when his uncle was grumbling about men touching in public. He had just turned to go when he heard Goyle attempt to cast a spell they'd just recently learned in Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Harry knew instantly that he'd cast it wrong. He didn't sound defensive or angry, merely curious. "I was just passing by when I heard you trying to cast that detector shield.Or he could not tell him and possibly miss out on the opportunity to see if maybe, just maybe, Potter held the same feelings as Draco. If it did get out, he'd know who to blame, and more than that, Draco could stop pretending that it wasn't true and maybe move on in his life. And really, Harry thought with a sigh, if his uncle had been wrong about magic, he was probably wrong about that, too. His thoughts were confirmed a second later when the man shouted out a hushed, "fuck! He must have broken something, Harry thought mildly. He should head for the Slytherin dorms and take his nap. Goyle jumped in surprise when Harry entered the room. I think you've got the wording and movement wrong…if I may? "Goyle shrugged, still gazing open mouthed at the spot Harry's spell had dissipated."Why don't you try it," Harry suggested.Hogwarts was never quite the same after that morning. But his borrowed dark eyes began to droop again, and before he knew it, Zabini's cheek was resting against the cool desk, and sleep was pulling him into its dark clutches. Then Harry remember who—and where—he was, and he bolted up right on the stool, left side of his borrowed cheek burning from where the warm skin had been ripped from its desperate cling the solid wood of the desk for so long."Shit—what happened?" Harry asked at once, sleepy dark eyes scanning the room to see it empty apart from himself and Theodore Nott."You fell asleep halfway through Healer Penniforth's lesson." Theo informed him, frowning.

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