Teacher student dating movie

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I was studying for my Masters degree, waiting to graduate, fling my cloak and my hat as high as I could, and move on the greener pastures that awaited everyone who dared to dream.My dreams and my college I definitely had my dreams. I wanted to be a business consultant or a VP or something along those lines.I didn’t have to say anything, because she just smiled at me, and her eyes told me to step inside. Eventually, after communicating in a manner that a four year old would understand, I got to know that she was an assistant teacher or a substitute who was supposed to take our first hour’s theory classes for three weeks.She was apparently in a business development program where she had to give presentations and seminars for a certain number of hours to be eligible to complete her whatever-it-was. And yet, even the sweet sickness of the overdose of cotton candy couldn’t stop me from repeating her name again and again.

In the year 2008, I was asked to be the Senior VP of Operations. The only problem was that we still hadn’t spoken one bit about our organizations working together. Our bosses were happy with the outcome of our meeting, but Sophie and I were the most happiest.

It didn’t matter though, I knew that three weeks later, once she’s done taking classes we’d be friends.

But alas, just like everything else, one early morning, she didn’t make it to class.

[Read: How to look good while trying to get someone’s attention] All I wanted to see was the way her lips quivered when she said a few words.

Watching her was like watching a romantic French movie.

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