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Afghanistan desires to manage the flow of its water via dams.

However, the presence of dams in Afghanistan pose a threat to Iran’s national interest.

financed by Saudi Arabia as the Taliban fighters were trained by Pakistan’s intelligence agency, Inter-Intelligence Service (ISI).

To illustrate: Ahmed Rashid, an expert on Afghanistan, noted in his book, Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil, Fundamentalism in Central Asia, that in preparation for the offensive to capture Herat, a strategic province in Afghanistan, “The Taliban had spent the summer rebuilding their forces with arms, ammunition, and vehicles provided by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and a new command structure was created with the help of ISI advisers.” Taliban’s regime was toppled.

arming and training the Taliban to carry out attacks, raising the costs of war for Washington.

Mishari al-Harbi, a senior Saudi diplomat stated that “Qatar has harbored leaders of a number of terrorist groups and it is backing terrorist groups in Afghanistan.” Riyadh’s condemnation of Doha’s support for the Taliban doesn’t signal a change in Riyadh’s policy of supporting the Taliban.

In Yemen, Saudi-backed government forces and Iranian-backed rebel forces are hostile to each other.

In Syria, the Iranian-backed Bashar Al-Assad regime and the Saudi-backed opposition forces are at odds.

Rather, Chabahar Port and its similitude depict Tehran’s dual-track policy of engaging with the Taliban while also maintain official ties with Kabul.

Like Riyadh, this dual-track policy enables Tehran to pursue its national interests through covert and official channels.

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