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And dating a non-christian isn’t a route to unthinkable dating horrors either. While we can’t just apply Bible verses about marriage to modern dating dilemmas, it can help us think through some helpful principles.The blog written last year for Christian Connection ‘Should you marry a non-Christian?For example, he highlights the fact that God loves non-Christians and values marriage, even if a Christian marries a non-Christian.However, David concludes that it’s actually okay to marry a non-Christian.The ‘rules’ and teaching in the Bible about marrying a non-believer are more about the cultural situation rather than some divine command.While his article is interesting, I would argue his conclusion has overlooked some key points.The main two I want to highlight are: Paul’s Vision Is Above Culture Paul talks about marriage as being above the culture in Ephesians -33.

But whether you agree with David or not, I think partner selection in dating and marriage still comes down to a deeper question.However, the truth is, going out with a Christian doesn’t mean your relationship will automatically honour God.I know Christians who both love God, who have dated but it has ended badly or been a complete train wreck.’ Now let’s be honest, we don’t have a crystal ball and we don’t know the future.But from what you know about yourself and about them, do you think together you could build the type of relationship you crave? 5 Things You Should Know) Them being a Christian doesn’t mean the answer to these important questions is automatically ‘yes’.

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