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Even though rubidium-85 is more abundant, rubidium-87 has a positive scattering length, which means it is mutually repulsive, at low temperatures.

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We shall omit the math, but it happens to work out so that after any given period of time, the minerals will still lie on a straight line on the graph, as the diagram shows, and, crucially, the point at which this line intersects the vertical axis is still the initial value of Sr. What we have to do is take samples from the rock consisting of different minerals, or at least of different mineral composition, so that our samples will all have different Sr ratio.Hence, the Rb/Sr ratio in residual magma may increase over time, resulting in rocks with increasing Rb/Sr ratios with increasing differentiation. If the initial amount of Sr is known or can be extrapolated, the age can be determined by measurement of the Rb and Sr concentrations and the Rubidium-87 is an isotope of rubidium.Rubidium-87 was the first and the most popular atom for making Bose–Einstein condensates in dilute atomic gases.Strontium, on the other hand, does take part in chemical reactions, and can substitute chemically for such elements as calcium, which is commonly found in igneous rocks.So we have every reason to think that rocks when they form do incorporate strontium, and Sr in particular.

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