Speed dating success and failure communictaion

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Why does online dating fail to live up to expectations?We suggest that this disappointment is due in part to a crucial mismatch between the experience of online and offline dating.Again, a seeming benefit of online dating may have costs.The final advantage of online dating is the seeming wealth of information available about potential partners.This issue is compounded by one of the presumed benefits of the Internet, decreased search costs (e.g.,, which merely makes it easier to generate more options.The analogies to dating are clear: Individuals empowered to seek out and test many different mates may be less likely to choose and be satisfied with one, due to the always available - and tantalizing - alternatives.Dating offline involves navigating the world together and sharing experiences, providing opportunities to engage in direct interaction and observation, allowing individuals to evaluate others for their relationship potential .

We used an evolving enriched chat platform, Chatcircles , to create Virtual Dates, on which pairs of individuals navigate a shared online space, exchanging real-time messages about the images in that environment.

The man had misrepresented his appearance, his occupation, and his former relationship with my brother. This date's physical stature was not clearly represented via photos.

Not only was I not happy with the realistic presentation but he looked exactly like my Dad which I can not personally see as romantic potential.

Phil and Match.com’s “Techniques for Presenting Yourself In The Best Possible Way.” Second, people’s desire to find partners can lead them to interpret ambiguous information as evidence of similarity, leading to unrealistically high expectations (; such high expectations, when not met, lead to dissatisfaction).

More information is better only if it helps with the selection process, which the information in profiles may not do.

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