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Dating in the digital age can be a headache, and it gets even more complicated for expats when language barriers can get in the way – not to mention the variation from country to country regarding ways to meet people and dating etiquette.

There is also a percentage looking for a genuine relationship.It seemed to me she needed more ‘communication’ and attention than any other girl I’ve dated.” Amy: “I think that with my boyfriend, I’ve found an exception to the majority of Spaniards.He doesn’t give empty promises when he says something; he actually does it.Tara, an expat from the United States: “We met at a party and exchanged numbers, but I thought it was just in a friendly way.Then I got a text the next day that said something like, ‘.’ (Translation: ‘I don’t know why, but the only thing I remember from yesterday is that I was left with the feeling of wanting to get to know this girl better.’) So that made it clear he was interested romantically. Then we hung out after school a few times, and then he took me out on a very nice, kind of elaborate date.” Amy: “After some time, I looked at my Facebook and saw that he wrote me a message saying something like ‘.’ (Translation: Hello Amy, how is life?

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    However, with so many dating sites flooding the market so quickly, people could also have too many choices, which can become a problem of its own. The Statistic Brain Research Institute reports that more than 49.7 million Americans have tried online dating, and that’s not far off from how many single people there are in the US: 54.4 million.

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