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However, that this is really a niche dating site for those with a little more culture running through their veins.

There's a large number of Nigerian scammers on the site.

Long, dull night, made my excuses and said I didn't think we were suited. I went on a sport based website in a fit of misery back in the winter.

Moved into my new flat the following day, hanging the blinds and who is living directly opposite? I set up a profile huffily thinking no-one would ever want to talk to me.

I met some OK men through it, I felt they tended to be a bit My mate met her life partner on it.

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However, I think you have to be prepared to understand that it has a somewhat "Guardianish" ambience which may not suit everyone.I used it about three years ago, when I tried out quite a few of the dating websites.Yes, you have to pay to make contact, though you could go for the shortest option (think it was three days) then send a message with your email (use an anonymous one specially set up for online dating).Worried about how I ranted at a woman yesterday If I give up my employment because I can't afford to pay for childcare does that mean...Joined Guardian soulmates, it was one of a number of dating sites that I tried out. I am very well educated but setting up my own business and didn't have enough money for the likes of the people on the guardian website. 45k upwards expect their date not only to be physically attractive but to match them income wise.

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