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Ljubljana offers a few nightlife venues, but it’s far from the optimal destination for the night game lover.A lack of approachable options at night leaves a lot to be desired. I am currently visiting in Slovenia I have a slim build, good appearance, Želim spremeniti svoje življenje in iščem ljubezen v vseh delih sveta! Ljubim življenje svojih različnih oblikah, zato sem poskusil, da bi iz njega vse najboljše in koristno, I am luke and i am desperate in finding my true love for 15yrs now.. 18 - 34 I'm a classic rock and country music kinda person that doesn't mind getting dirty and knows how to clean up.Read our guide to this dating site, Here Pleasantly surprised by the warmth of the city, and the many sights to take in both in Ljubljana and Slovenia as a whole, the country should be on any serious traveler’s radar.From a game perspective, there are better destinations overall in terms of quality and quantity, but Ljubljana is definitely worth a look. If that si your attitude towards people and relations, to play them, and think of relationships in terms of GAME, then we dont need to be in any of your radars. Klub TOP Six is to be avoided, as here you’ll find heavy Balkan’s style table culture paired with large groups of guys roaming around near the bar.

All seasons are worth a visit to take in everything Slovenia has to offer, including the famous Lake Bled.

Although comparing these countries in terms of dress in winter versus summer wouldn’t give an accurate depiction of what one can expect, certainly, looks don’t change so much and the other Balkans have more on offer.

Nonetheless, women are very friendly and easily approachable, and by many are considered some of the easiest in the Balkans.

This datasheet was written based on an experience during the harsh winter with hard snow fall coupled with temperatures way below freezing, which may have not helped the overall quality seen out at night.

Google will present results for current clubs and bars at your disposal, but all-in-all they’re all low-quality and not worth the time it seems.

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