Sims 3 pc dating

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They make friends and enemies, they go swimming, and they clog up the toilet.In other words, they act a whole lot like real people, except that they yammer in a delightful gibberish called simlish and communicate via speech bubbles that appear over their heads.

Now, your burb is freely explorable, so traveling to the gym, the art gallery, or your place of work means walking, biking, driving, or taxiing to the location in question without any loading times to break things up.

The physical customization options are far more extensive than before.

Sliders let you determine skin color and tweak various facial features, color wheels let you settle on exact clothing hues, and there are a number of accessories, hair styles, and so on to choose from.

If you're new to the series, here's a quick primer. In it, you take control of a character called a sim, or an entire household of them.

Sims have needs; they need to empty their bladders, to eat, to sleep, to bathe, to have fun, to socialize.

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