Sexy video chat with chatbots

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The framework is now able to use a Microsoft payments API for transactions.The Cortana Skills Kit is now in public preview, and a selection of 20 some-odd Cortana skills were also made available today.Bots will soon be able to join video conversations in 1:1 and group Skype calls, Microsoft announced today.Bot builders can use the Bot Builder Real Time Media Calling extension on Github, now in preview, to bring Skype bots into video conversations.

A chatbot unlike an app has a an “identity” that is actually separate from its interaction with the user.

Generally speaking a bot is any software that performs an automated task, however we are interested in the class of bots that live online in chat platforms or on social media called chatbots.

In this context there are many possible definitions and some confusion about what a bot is.

Earlier this week, Harman Kardon Invoke, which will feature Skype and Cortana, was given a launch window of this fall.

Other Cortana-enabled devices are also on the way in partnership with HP and Intel, Microsoft announced today.

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