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This is a long way of saying that I found the latest book that I received in the mail interesting — despite the fact that before reading it I contacted the author and found him so difficult to communicate with over email with that I almost threw the book out without reading it.

So interesting I may have to do multiple posts about it.

And I'm not just talking about the men who endorsed that op-ed about how it's okay to "date rape" girls who get drunk at frat parties.

I'm also talking about guys who think it's fine to pressure women into having sex without a condom, or those who don't mention it when the condom slips or breaks.

BE CAREFUL (or TAKE IT SLOW) Here, Abramson is advising us to pick our partners with care, and to cultivate our relationships carefully — because otherwise, the results can be disastrous.

He notes that while most relationships start off with a bang — we are blissed out, happier than ever, can't believe our luck — the euphoria usually ends after a few months, if not much sooner.

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Darlings: Let me preface today's post by saying I receive a ton of free new books over here at Maura Kelly HQ, sent by publicists who want me to blog about their authors.

That's fine for scholarly teens, but why are the brightest adults still getting the least action?

Life history theory, which examines how species have evolved different reproductive strategies to survive, offers a possible explanation.

As he says, "this is not a moral issue, but instead a practical solution. SPEAK UP Make an effort to talk more honestly to your partner and to encourage him or her to be frank with you. THROW NO STONES "Do not criticize, ridicule, or punish someone because he or she is sexually different from you," Abramson says. Concentrate on enjoying your own sex life, and you won't need to be such a busybody about what other people are doing in their bedrooms.

As Abramson says, "Sometimes it's easier to take one's clothes off than to shed the defenses that surround intimate desires or fears .... Or, to paraphrase New Hampshire's state motto: Keep your opinions off other people's bodies. KNOW YOURSELF This may sound like the easiest one, but it may very well be the toughest one — and yet, the better you know yourself, the better you will be able to do all the things listed above.

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