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Jimmy Johns is definitely a competitor if you’re a lover of sandwiches and their subs definitely hit the spot after a long night.

Unfortunately, Jimmy Johns is competing with some really strong late-night food places on Main Street and tends to be looked over when compared to some of the other restaurants.

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We all know that certain foods are just meant for when you’re drunk, so here’s a list of restaurants that have those food and are the best on Main Street for ordering drunk food and pigging out!

No person shall operate a motor vehicle in such a manner as to cause the tires to squeal, the motor to race excessively, the horn to blow unnecessarily, the radio to blare or in any other manner which would annoy or disturb other persons in the Town or endanger the public peace and safety.

All forms of gambling, lotteries and fraudulent devices and practices are prohibited within the Town.

The provisions of this section do not apply to the following licensed establishments: theaters, performing arts centers, civic centers, and dinner theaters where live dance, ballet, music and dramatic performances of serious artistic merit are offered on a regular basis and in which the predominant business or attraction is not the offering to customers of entertainment which is intended to provide sexual stimulation or sexual gratification to such customers and where the establishment is not distinguished by an emphasis on, or the advertising or promotion of, employees engaging in nude erotic dancing. For purposes of this section, the term "licensed establishment" means any establishment licensed by the Town Board of the Town of Woodruff to sell alcohol beverages pursuant to Ch. In addition, violation of this section constitutes sufficient grounds for suspending, revoking or not renewing an alcohol beverage license under § 125.12, Wis. In addition to any penalty imposed for violation of § 367-10 of this chapter, any person who shall cause physical damage to or destroy any public property shall be liable for costs of replacing or repairing such damaged or destroyed property.

The parent or parents of any unemancipated minor child who violates § 367-10 may also be held liable for the cost of replacing or repairing such damaged or destroyed property in accordance with § 895.035, Wis.

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