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Since there's no pressure to sign up, I figured I'd try my luck and see if there were any decent, normal and mature human beings (preferrably Men because I am a straight Woman) that simply wanted to chat, and possibly form an online friendship. No hook ups, No dirty talk, No filthy picture trading, and No Skype/Gruveo to watch them perform sexual acts! All I've ever run into are, extremely young or extremely old perverted males and females, who are desperate for sex and attention.

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The people on chat sites doesn't care about rules the site have, they do what they want, Wish the moderators of the site ban those who break the rules, but if a person tell someone who send nasty messages or images to leave them alone, then they block and report you, and then the person who are actually on the site for normal non sex related chat, gets banned, and that isn't fair. Anyone who wants to have a decent chat and blocks the sponsored paid sex ads becomes automatically targeted and banned. They allow the dating site Ashley Madison--a site that encourages married people to cheat on their spouses--to advertise on their site. Avoid this site at all costs They all say you can talk about everything but they all want one thing or maybe two things.or a Nun, and that she need to live a little, but if those guys don't have morals, don't assume everyone else doesn't have, and stop trying to convince a woman to lower her values and morals.How does those men's heads work, some clearly don't think with their brain in their skull. This site is supposed to be for anything but it's just guys trying to have cyber sex or get you to switch on your cam or send you pics of porn.But they are all sick people and you agree in beginning to keep it clean but seems nobody cares.I've been using this site for a couple of months.

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