Selection page when updating your flashpaq dating after failed engagement

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To begin, your vehicle’s computer must contain the manufacturer’s STOCK factory program.If you have used a programmer from another aftermarket company you must use their product to return your computer back to STOCK condition before proceeding.

If your vehicle has not been returned to its STOCK program prior to service, the Superchips FLASHPAQ Tuner will no longer be able to program your vehicle.The new FLASHPAQ Tuner includes the following features: Your 3815 FLASHPAQ tuner is setup specifically for your Dodge Dakota, Durango, Ram, HEMI Ram , and Jeep Grand Cherokee.The 3815 FLASHPAQ houses specialized databases that contain optimally calibrated, individual vehicle application performance programs which tune BOTH the engine & transmission.• Ensure your vehicle battery is fully charged and not connected to a battery charger.• Do not leave the FLASHPAQ Tuner connected and unattended for any length of time. • Do not remove the programming cable during any programming sequence. Important Note Regarding Storage of Your Flash Paq Tuner It is not recommended to store your Flash Paq Tuner in your vehicle in extreme heat, direct sunlight, or extreme cold (temperatures near or below freezing).

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