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You will be handed a score card when you arrive and on it you will write down the names of all your dates and tick to show who you are or aren't interested in.

We recommend a stiff drink to calm those nerves and get you in the mood.

So it's Wednesday night and instead of going to the same old bar after work with your colleagues and having to shout over loud music why not try something new and interesting? Speed dating isn't new and interesting you might say but Ah! Not to worry, the masks will come off at the end of the speed dating and your mystery woman will be revealed.

Behind these curtains, you will speed date with mystery women behind masks.

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With a tasty cocktail in hand you'll be prepared to enjoy your night. This is your chance to get a feel of the person in front of you and decide whether or not you'd like to get to know them better.Everyone is friendly, welcoming and there's no pressure!The initial meet only lasts a few minutes and who knows, you just might meet someone special.Please understand that this is to protect our guests and ensure the event starts on time. Networks play an important role in the way that business is conducted while speed dating has become a staple on the dating scene for people who want to meet for multiple short dates over the course of an evening.

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