Rsvp dating agency

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It was a busy time for me so I must admit timing wasn't good, so I actually didn't send any stamps to anybody.

However having said that I did get an email and a kiss from a very nice person and had 2 dates with him, and am still in contact.

Could use a refresh with easier pathways for the first i thought it was a really good site with detailed questions to match u to your ideal partner, once i found out that u had to pay more money to see why u were a match with someone i lost my enthusiasm for the site as i couldn't get the full benefit from it! You cant take responsibility for the people that are on there but there are a lot of time wasters on there.

As part of the survey i dont think 3 stamps is enough to experience what the site has to offer.

Established in 1992, RSVP has tens of thousands of lifetime members and numerous successes to its name.

RSVP offers a range of memberships to suit every need and pocket.

I found it quite interesting however I think there was no point to allowing members to hide their photos, this instantly turned me off looking at their profile even if they showed interest in me I automatically turned them down.

Experience was not exactly something I truly enjoyed although I'm sure there are some genuine users out there (once you've sifted through the 99% of 'unsuitable' users).The survey shouldn't have commence if the online app wasn't finished. I had responded saying thatnks but no thanks and she still sent me messages i didn't want to answer or have in my was only half release about 2 weeks into the study. Did not enjoy using the website as it wasn't that user friendly.Even filtering didn't really work and I was constantly matched with people I didn't think were compatible.It ended up being a lot of filtering and little return. It felt quite one sided and everything involved money.

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