Prevents avg from updating

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With the release of Firefox 67.0.2, some users noticed that the browser no longer automatically fills in the saved Web page credentials.

For example, you can find bug reports in the Mozilla support forum.

Note: If the above steps do not work, restart your PC and go to Windows Updates (Start menu ▸ Control Panel ▸ Security ▸ System & Security ▸ Windows Update ▸ Check for updates). Note: If you are unable to install the update, the only other way to fix this vulnerability is to disable the Windows file sharing service, specifically version 1 of the SMB protocol.

[German]Before it get lost: If you store passwords in Firefox and suddenly notice that they are all deleted, you should check if an AVG antivirus solution is running on your system. German blog-reader Rudi has pointed out this issue to me (thanks for that).

Therefore, uninstalling Avast Business Antivirus from an affected machine and re-installing it will not resolve this issue.

However, some users have stated on forums that their AVG anti-virus utilities don’t update.Eternal Blue is a vulnerability on Windows systems with outdated versions of the Windows File and Printer Sharing service (SMB).We recommend you install the MS17-010 security update from Microsoft to resolve this vulnerability.(Firefox: Empty password list, Source: Mozilla Bugzilla report) There a poster writes that he was able to reproduce the behaviour within his environment using the following steps. When you then restart Firefox, the saved credentials are back.I was able to reproduce this issue on Windows 7 x64 by doing the following steps: 1- installed AVG latest version 19.5.3093 (build 19.5.4444.503) UI version: 1.0.171 2- installed firefox release version 67.0.1 and signed in facebook. The whole thing unfortunately only lasts until the next restart of the computer, as you can read in the thread and here.

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