Pregnant and dating season 2 philippinasdating

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gave viewers a very brief synopsis of each young couple expecting babies, and along with Leah being one of the few expecting twins, she and Corey also had one of the most jaw-dropping stories.

The pair met and started dating in 2009 when Leah was 16 and Corey was almost 19.

, Brandon received a visit at his food truck from Detective Alice Toussaint and found a best man for his wedding.

Kevin got into trouble at school, so his mom grounded him.

2 Despite the young pair trying to work it out because of the quick pregnancy, things were rarely easy, and it didn’t take long for problems to arise.

who had multiple babies and it has been anything but easy.Only one month later she began dating Jeremy Calvert in the summer of 2011 and became engaged only a few months after that.Just eight months after beginning their relationship, Leah and Jeremy got married in April 2012.Only one month into their relationship, the two became pregnant — with twins!In their episode Leah introduces him and then says “he drove me home from a party one night, and one thing led to another” before adding that at the point of filming the episode they were still “just trying to get to know one another.” She even admits at the beginning of the episode that Corey was only supposed to be a rebound for her because she had just gotten out of a three-year-long relationship.

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