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Authorities ruled out suicide in the incident and an investigation is underway to determine who instructed them to film on a restricted area on the tracks, Burbank Police Sgt. Police reportedly said that the other men, who were filming Plitt, were not injured in the incident.A fellow model said that Plitt was filming an advertisement for a protein shake, according to Mirror Online.After the long and tough selection process of the congressional appointment by the Naval Academy, Greg was approached by West Point, a U. Not wanting to distance himself from his sister and family, Greg was advised to continue his path into a career with the U.S Navy and avoid West Point as it was too far from home.Greg mentioned in an article back in 2015 that pride was our biggest mistake when working out.

My time in service was as rewarding as it was demanding”.

"When the train came, you might not be able to tell which set the train is on."Here are some tributes from fellow models and stars remembering Plitt on Twitter.

S Army Ranger, and Entrepreneur, Greg was much more than a model and actor. From influences at a young age in high school wrestling, to his older sisters commanding his respect by joining the Navy, along with TV, film and advertising inspirations throughout his life.

And if you’ve seen ‘The Watchmen’ then you’ve seen Greg’s body as the famous Dr. He’s also starred in the world of fashion for huge names such as Thierry Mugler’s Angel Men and Ice Men.

Also, he worked around the clock with new product launches and fashion campaigns constantly.

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