Perl updating hash of arrays

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The data structures can contain any arraingment of hashes, arrays and Data:: Object Store:: Container objects which may be subclassed. The object database self vacuums; any entry that cannot trace back to the root node is deleted and the storage space reclaimed.Data:: Object Store operates directly and instantly on the file system.Data:: Object Store preserves data structures on disc and provides them on an add needed basis.Large hashes and arrays are not loaded in memory all at once while still adhering to the normal perl hash and array API.Returns the Data:: Object Store that created this object.

This unsets a temporary (volatile) value attached to the object.

Just follow the syntax above and add more variables. When you start playing with arrays and hashes you need to be careful.

For example, the following code may not quite do what you would think: #!

Returns a new Data:: Object Store:: Container container object or a subclass, depending if the optional class parameter is supplied.

If provided with data, the object is initialized with the data.

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