Page when updating your flashpaq annable dating

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I was sold on the this programmer with the 3.8 but did not buy it for my 3.6 after driving a relatives JK. Did not want to give me any money for any of the repairs. Easy to say to me you can’t prove it was us who did that.

He is running 33s vs my 32s at the time and after driving his for a weekend the only difference I noticed was a little less throttle lag (which is not nearly as bad on the stock 3.6 as it was on the 3.8) and slightly crisper shifting. When in fact it has happened to many others the same way.

It always sad to hear when a fellow Jeep owner has this type of issues but it just shows how aftermarket vendors struggle with PCM/ECU integration because Jeep does't provide sufficient support.

I even learned that the salesman lied when I asked him about the towing capacity.It's no longer constantly downshifting and it's a lot more peppier.I have to take my Jeep to the dealer for the recall thing, so I have to flash it back to stock, but after that, I am going to play around with the Auto Transmission pressure.I didn't have another ,000 or so to throw at regearing the final gears. Plus, with the warranty issues I was having with the cooling system and the engine, I was/am afraid to screw up what's left on my warranty.Then I was talking to someone and they asked if I had the speedo re-calibrated because the ECM uses speed in it's calculation to determine shift points. And then I read where the Superchips 87 Octane fuel map gave the 3.6 a little more HP and that people were having success on the highways without over shifting.

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