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We recommend that you configure Windows to check for updates automatically. If you have additional tips, please share them in comments below.Tech Hit products will help you spend less time managing email and keep Outlook running in tip-top shape.Leave only the Add-ins you absolutely must have in Outlook.How to disable addins in Outlook 2016, 20 How to disable addins in Outlook 2007 How to disable addins in Outlook 2003 Regularly use Windows Update to keep your computer up to date with the latest patches and service packs.If you are experiencing issues with your Outlook, try these items one-by-one and hopefully one of them will help.By far the most common reason for Outlook crashes, instability and unexplained weird behavior is a corrupted PST or OST file.After you do that, close the old PST file (Right-click the top-most folder of the PST, then select “Close”) and start using the new one. It applied to old versions of Outlook.] In addition to PST, OST and profiles, Outlook has several other files which might get corrupted.Note: You can also use scan PST to check and fix your OST files. If the above steps did not help, please try renaming outcmd.dat, and as described in Part 2 of this article.

An ideal solution from Microsoft would be for Outlook’s Cached Mode slider to display the same behaviour for all mailboxes – but in the meantime, here’s a few suggestions that may alleviate these issues for end-users: 1) Add the Shared Mailbox as a separate account to the same Outlook profile, allowing you to configure the mail that is downloaded.Important: Some of the information below asks you to make changes to your software and/or usage of them.We recommend that you discuss these changes with your local IT administrator prior to making these changes.As this can be a huge resource hog on the Terminal Server (if not scaled correctly), contact your administrator before enabling this option.This article describes some of the most common reasons that cause Outlook to become unstable, crash, hang or freeze.

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