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I don't see anything but trees and kangaroos.' You can't see anything around except desert.And then I was like, 'OK, the joke's on us,'" Natalie said.Outfitted with bright-pink jumpsuits over the formal dresses that they were still wearing, the girls then proceeded to parachute to the ground one by one, where the bewildered women suddenly began to question if they were still even on a reality show any more."We're all standing there in our ball gowns in the Australian Outback looking like complete idiots," explained Natalie.• Shannon, a 26-year-old from Titusville, FL who graduated from University of Central Florida with a degree in business administration.• Summer, a 23-year-old from Orlando, FL who is currently attending Florida State University for Interior Design.The Outback Jack couple now live in Natalie's hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, where Vadim works as a police officer.Vadim and Natalie have three daughters: Hunter, 12, Eden, 11 and Chloe, nine.

Outback Jack, which ran for one season on TBS in 2004, followed 12 American women vying for the heart of 'rugged Aussie bloke' Vadim Dale.Vadim admits he didn't immediately fall for Natalie while filming the show in 2004. There were apparently so many catfights and arguments between the women that he didn't register Natalie as 'wife material' under later on. (NOTE: In a bit of a departure from standard reality TV publicity, TBS has opted not to reveal the women's occupations and instead detailed their level of education. perhaps they felt listing "aspiring model/actress" a dozen times would be overkill.) Full photos of the twelve women are available in our Outback Jack photo gallery.• Adrienne, a 30-year-old from Los Angeles, CA who is currently attending the University of Phoenix • Cortney, a 24-year-old from Milwaukee, WI who graduated from University of Wisconsin with a degree in public relations.

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