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Per example: if you are 55 years old and a bit overweight, it wouldn’t be a good idea to seek a 25 years old goddess.Take the time to browse deeper in our profiles and you will be amazed to see how many Russian and Ukrainian women who are 40 years old still have the body of a goddess plus … Tip: Russian and Ukrainian women of all ages generally live a very active way of life and eat healthy.You can also exchange photos, share telephone calls, share Skype video calls and send them some flowers and gifts.Tip: when sending your Russian or Ukrainian correspondent some flowers and gifts, we’ll email you a photo of her receiving your gifts.If you wonder why these beautiful Russian or Ukrainian ladies seek their life partners outside their native country and why so many men from around the world are happy with their Russian or Ukrainian wife, please follow this link to find the answers.Our website gives you the possibility to initiate contact with Russian or Ukrainian women per correspondence with letters.

Among the wide range of services they offer, you can rely on them for airport pick-up / drop-off, accommodation in hotel rooms or furnished apartments, the presence of interpreters when required, use of their computers etc.

Our localized landing pages are translated by native copywriters, and rigorously tested for optimal conversion.

No landing page that wouldn´t be in-house tested ever makes it into our affiliate program.

Keep in mind that sooner or later you should make plans to travel to Russia or Ukraine because letters and telephone calls have their limits and only a personal meeting can show if there is chemistry.

With the help or our partner marriage agencies, we can arrange traveling plans for you in most parts of Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine.

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